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For links to other Calvary Chapel websites in New Zealand click here. Below are links to various Christian teaching websites affiliated with Calvary Chapel.
A resource website with great teaching from many well respected bible teachers including Chuck Smith and Dr Chuck Missler
A site with loads of tools for studying the bible
Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry
A not-for-profit, non-denominational, teaching ministry offering FREE on-line, interactive, self-discovery Bible lessons to the world of Internet users
A Christian descipleship website aimed at helping Christians to grow and mature in their faith
A ministry by Dave Hunt on watching for deception in the Church

Messages by Ray Stedman
Expository and topical teaching by Ray Stedman, a great bible teacher of the 20th century
All about C.H.Spurgeon, including messages and many resources
Free bible study software, including many free versions of scripture, commentaries, dictionaries and devotionals

Internet Safety Links:

With the invention of the internet has come an enormous availability of information, right to your living room, office, or even your cell phone! Unfortunately with this great tool comes the availability of immoral images and video which only a decade or two ago were very difficult to access. Listed below are a couple of links to software designed specifically to minimise the access we and our families have to this content. If you do not have internet safety software on your computer already we strongly recommend you look into it.
Award winning internet safety software which effectively blocks unwanted internet content. Recommended for anyone connected to the internet.
Free accountability software which reports any internet misuse to a user designated email address. A simple yet very effective deterrent against visiting any internet sites with adult content. Highly recommended.